Brand analysis forms the basis of brand building. The process affects both the own organisation and the customers. The starting point is that a strong brand has numerous benefits, both for the brand owner and the consumer. As competition increases and products and services become increasingly similar, it is important to have a strong brand with a clear market position. A strong brand is not as price sensitive and thus has better conditions for success with sales, loyalty-creating measures and increased profitability. Through our brand surveys, we measure the strength of your brand and we produce the information needed for a complete brand analysis.

Market Insight is highly experienced in this type of brand research and, over the years, has researched some hundred brands, both in Sweden and internationally. Our approach is based on theoretical models that have been operationalised, or in other words, we have broken them down into useful empirical questions that produce information relevant to the analysis. The brand analysis lets you know which measures should be prioritised to build a stronger brand. Contact us and we will tell you more about how we conduct our brand surveys.


How well known is your brand?
What is associated with my brand (functional benefits, emotional rewards)?
What characteristics are common and distinctive compared to competitors?
Which characteristics drive the purchase or willingness to pay?
How strong is the brand and how can I further strengthen it?
What does the buying behaviour look like?